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Organic production capacity: organic plate with processing 1.5mm-30mm and other thickness (acrylic), processing sculpture the (mainframe carving and laser engraving), plastic, bending, bonding, which carved up to 1220mm* 2440mm specifications, plastic suction 1m * 2m products, the height of the blister deepest suction 80mm.

Made of wood production capacity: solid wood board, plywood, MDF, sandwich panel, polystyrene board, plywood and other secondary processing capacity, with paint, veneer (fire board, Melamine board) stickers technology, to meet different production needs of the enterprise. But also can be the timber various patterns and logo engraving.

Hardware production capacity: with stainless steel, iron, aluminum and other secondary processing capacity, automatic polishing machine, class laser engraving machine, robot welding, automatic machine, slot machines, forming machines, automatic pipe bending machine, shearing machine, bending machine, cutting machine, and so on various types of processing equipment, part of the equipment of their own design, with a certain degree of intellectual property rights. Polished, brushed, roll off, welding, stamping, engraving can handle all kinds of hardware materials.